Every job has its rules and those who work on worksites, in factories, on roads or those like me who do voluntary ambulance work, must have a uniform complying with the safety laws and safety shoes to protect their feet. Today, I wanted to present you PANDA SAFETY women’s work shoes that I use during my hours of voluntary work that I perform in the ambulance.

When you work in environments at risk or in the road, the first rule is that of wearing clothing that complies with the European Directives on PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. Whether it is in the summer or winter everyone must respect these rules because they have been designed to protect the health of the worker and to limit the risk of accidents.

Those of us who work in ambulances at any time of the day and nightwear high visibility uniforms, precisely so that we are visible both in the event of night-time intervention or when there is fog. Both in an emergency and in secondary transport we must wear safety shoes, personal equipment that is often difficult to choose.

PANDA SAFETY women’s occupational safety footwear: My Experience

The model SPRINT BLUE (in the S1P protection category) belonging to the safety footwear collection PANDA SAFETY is my latest choice. This model complies with European Directives and respects the EN ISO 20345:2011 requirements. It is a summer model and is thus lighter than the winter one and is low. Its shape reminds of sneakers, but the weight makes you understand immediately that it is a different shoe.
These shoes have a steel puncture-resistant plate and toecap, an ultra-breathable upper and an antistatic, non-slip, anti-torsion sole that is resistant to hydrocarbons.

This PANDA SAFETY model was designed to avoid crushing the toes, to avoid any risk of puncturing the grip and I believe that they are the ideal choice above all for logistics companies, for public authorities or for those, like me who are always doing something because, since they are elastic and flexible, just like sneakers, they guarantee total freedom of movement.

PANDA SAFETY women’s occupational safety footwear

What I like about this footwear is the simple design that conceals them. Under jeans, they look like a pair of classical sneakers. They are comfortable, the foot is protected and stable and even going upstairs, every step is well-cushioned. Clearly, the safety shoe is heavier than fashion models but thanks to the internal profile of the sole that immediately adapts itself to the natural shape of the ball of the foot and of the anatomic padding which it is made with, it is so comfortable that you feel no fatigue at the end of the working day

Panda Safety is an Italian company, established in 1979 that celebrates 40 years of business this year. Today it boasts 175 models of safety and professional footwear that are exported from Italy to over 70 countries all over the world. For further information about the company and to see the whole catalogue, you can click on the official PANDA SAFETY website.