Thanks to its precious collaboration with Gamar ItaliaPANDA SAFETY has recently developed the innovative fastening system called Quick Lacing System (QLS) for its safety footwear. This fastening system represents a true innovation in terms of comfort and freedom of movement because, by providing the opportunity of fine regulation of the lace tension, it guarantees the “perfect fit”, in other words the shoe adheres completely to the wearer’s foot. QLS also ensures the wearer the possibility of quickly removing the shoe thanks to the immediate lace release button at the centre of the dial.

4 new models equipped with the QLS have been added to the PANDA SAFETY collection: two models from the TECHO line, the 52192 S3 SRC – “No. FIVE” and the 59192 S3 SRC – “No. SIX”, and two from the STRONG PROFESSIONAL line, the 92282 S3 SRC – “HUAYRA” and the 99282 S3 SRC – “HIJET”. These shoes, therefore, represent the top-of-the-range of the 2018/2019 collection because they blend the innovation of the Quick Lacing System technology with the quality of the raw materials and of the components.