The models of TOP WINTER & FIERY line guarantee safe and protected steps in any climatic condition as they are capable of maintaining the thermal insulation of the foot both in extremely cold environments and whenever the operator works in contact with very hot surfaces; moreover, these safety shoes are also the ideal choice for all those who work in the presence of electrical energy sources.
From the cooperation with Vibram, the world-leading manufacturer of high-performance soles, three types of soles have been developed having one main feature in common: the midsole is made of low-density polyurethane while the tread is in nitrile rubber.
The TOP WINTER sole, thanks to the VIBRAM TC4+ compound with which the tread is made, creates and maximizes grip when in contact with icy surfaces, ensuring the best resistance to slipping. The HRO sole, by virtue of a specific component inside the compound, guarantees heat resistance by contact up to 300°C. The DIELECTRIC sole, on the other hand, is capable of discharging into the ground any electric shocks (up to 20.000 volts) with which the user may come into contact.

SOLES – Design & Performance




The secret to the unparalleled performance of Vibram® soles lies in the optimal combination of DESIGN and exclusive RUBBER COMPOUNDS. For more than 80 years Vibram® has been providing the most advanced and performing soles and the yellow octagon has become a symbol of quality and Performance throughout the footwear industry. Vibram® designers know how to give a sole the best technical characteristics for each specific use and work together with the Vibram Tester Team to get feedback from end-users in order to perfect the product. They also work together with biomechanical institutes to innovate cutting-edge lines, volumes and shapes thus creating the soles of the future and are committed to developing functional, comfortable and original soles ensuring maximum performance in the target environment.