In carrying out working activity, just like when you are about to take part in a sports competition, it is essential to establish a target to then reach it, even going beyond your own limits. With the models of the TOP TREKKING line on your feet, the route towards this goal will be “downhill all the way”. This footwear, with a sporty and dynamic look, is characterised by the use of specially selected materials to maximise the protection performance.
An example is the reflecting inserts, which match the design of the upper perfectly, or the special lace eyelets, which always ensure a uniform tension and thus better wearability. The sole has a polyurethane foam midsole, a synonym of comfort and flexibility, and a thermopolyurethane tread, which guarantees wear resistance, non-slip functionality and dissipation of electrostatic discharges.


his model of sole, like all the others of the PANDA SAFETY collection, has obtained SRC certification and thus ensures maximum slip resistance as well as the anti-static and anti- torsion function, it consists of a polyurethane foam midsole, providing comfort and flexibility, and a thermo-polyurethane tread surface that guarantees wear resistance.