The unrivalled comfort that only PANDA SAFETY products are capable of offering is the result of the constant and careful study of the morphoanatomical characteristics of the human foot; the choice of the raw materials and of the most suitable components to the sector of use of the
footwear is, however, the natural consequence of the thorough knowledge of the true and widest range of working environments. In the models of the TOP CLASSIC line, the uniqueness of Italian design combines with the quality of the materials. Made with a PU/TPU sole, these shoes are the result of the practical application of the most recent technical innovations in the safety footwear production sector. The water-repellent
full-grain leather, the natural furs of the winter models, the reflecting inserts, the contrast stitches and the possibility of having the same model in both the version with steel toecap and puncture resistant plate as well as the one with the same protective elements in composite material, make these models particularly suited for the transport, energy, oil and mining sectors.


The TOP CLASSIC range offers two models of sole that are different in terms of design, but that also have the same characteristics; in both the soles the action of the soft and flexible polyurethane foam midsole combines with that of the more compact and resistant thermo-polyurethane tread surface, thus guaranteeing both a high shock absorbing capacity of the impacts and maximum adherence on every kind of surface.




The two models of sole of the TOP CLASSIC line stand out for the effectiveness of the non-slip, anti- static and anti-torsion characteristics and for the self-cleaning function as well as for the exceptional efficiency of the shock-absorbing insert.