Solidity and resistance

The STRONG PROFESSIONAL footwear is ideal for all those working environments in which a shoe ensuring resistance and protection cannot be forsaken, but without jeopardising the mobility and comfort of the wearer. Flexibility and strength are indeed the main characteristics of this line: the twodensity direct injection polyurethane sole, softer and more flexible for the mid sole, more compact and resistant for the tread, guarantees both higher slip resistance and maximum comfort even in the event of prolonged use.
Another feature of the antistatic sole are the reinforcements in the toecap and heel area that expose the whole shoe to less wear and at the
same time offer additional protection against blows. These shoes, stand out not only for their extraordinary qualities, but also fora particular
and innovative style in which the coloured stitches and the reflecting inserts contrast the black of the natural leather used to make the


This antistatic, anti-torsion and non-slip sole is made by means of direct injection of polyurethane and is made up of a PU foam insole, which is softer to ensure comfort even in the event of extended use, and of a compact PU tread surface, which gives greater resistance and durability to the whole shoe. A further element that characterises this sole is the reinforcement of the toe and heel areas which expose the upper to less wear and simultaneously offer additional protection against blows. The particular design of the tread surface, which is also resistant to hydrocarbons, makes the self- cleaning function possible, while the support of the instep contributes to maintaining a correct posture.