The footwear of the EXTREME range blends resistance and aesthetics to perfection: indeed the best raw materials and state-of-the-art components are knowingly assembled to obtain models with a decisive look, without ever forgetting comfort though. The full grain leather used for creating the uppers is made totally impermeable by the tanning process that also gives it a glossy finish. All the models of this range have an anticorrosive and hypoallergenic composite material toecap (lighter than steel toecaps) and multi-layer polyester fabric antiperforation plate that, being lighter than the common steel plates, is extremely comfortable.
The sole, with anti abrasion and anti-wear PU reinforcement both at the toecap and in the heel area, has a particular structure in which the elasticity of the polyurethane foam midsole combines with the strength of the two-colour compact thermo-polyurethane tread.


This sole supports the plantar arch in the best possible way and thus facilitates the maintenance of the most suitable posture and the correct distribution of body weight; the shock-absorbing insert ensures an exceptional absorption of impact, whereas the anti-abrasion reinforcements located in the toe cap and in the heel area increase the shoe’s durability. The sole has a particular structure in which the elasticity of the low-density polyurethane midsole combines with the sturdiness of the two colour compact thermo-polyurethane tread surface.