ALBO d.o.o. is a company specialised in all forms of occupation safety, from head protection to that of the respiratory tract, from fall protection systems to all kinds of working gloves; for its customers’ professional and safety footwear, ALBO has trusted in the quality of PANDA SAFETY products since 2002, becoming exclusive distributor for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.
Operating in these continually evolving markets, ALBO understood from the onset the need to have to constantly update its own offer not only in consideration of the needs of protecting the different working sectors but also in relation to the updates and of the laws in force regarding occupational safety; in the light of this, on 17 May, ALBO invited PANDA to hold a “Training Session” with the objective of illustrating the features and functions of the new models that the Apulian footwear maker has recently developed. Indeed it is fundamental to provide the sales personnel all the technical information necessary to transfer the particularities of the products to the customers and to thus guarantee the final users an excellent service. This recent opportunity for meeting and dialogue between ALBO and PANDA has made the fellowship of intents between the two companies even stronger, with the declared objective of providing all the workers of the western regions of the Balkan peninsula with safety footwear with high quality standards, suited to satisfy the many and different demands for protection.