Intersec, with over 1,280 exhibitors, is the main international trade fair in the sector of safety at the workplace, technology and safety design.
The affluence of its visitors, coming from 127 different countries makes this event one of the most influential ones at a world level.
The eagerly awaited 20th edition of Intersec also saw the bountiful participation of exhibitors coming from 59 different countries, including the footwear manufacturer Panda Safety.

The high number of visitors from different settings of international trade explains why the industrial operators belonging to the sector of safety at the workplace are so keen to participate in the trade show Intersec.
The growing interest for new technological solutions and the stricter laws regarding protecting workers has meant that in the last few years the attention towards safety clothing has undergone an exponential boom, guaranteeing enormous potential sales and turnover for its manufacturers.

During Intersec 2018 Panda Safety demonstrated that research into new raw materials and technical components delivering an ever higher performance makes it possible to offer not only a safe product, but also one designed to endure less deterioration in time.

Furthermore, by continuing to increase its own know-how and to evolve, the company has concentrated on improving the shape and fit of its footwear, showing innovative models during the event.

During the trade fair, the footwear made for the building sector and belonging to the Strong Professional line, the line suited for those working in working environments with adverse climatic conditions for extended periods, aroused great interest.
The focus on models belonging to the Extreme, Strong, Top Classic and Basic lines was also particularly pertinent to the issues addressed in the 2018 edition of the trade fair.

Indeed, this footwear has been designed in view of the increased world demand for technical footwear for the Oil&Gas sector, which has to cope with new challenges thanks to an exponential development of new energies.
We are proud to be part of the evolution of the workplace safety evolution and to represent the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.