Safety footwear is often wrongly considered one of the many “instruments” available to the worker, but it cannot possibly be compared to the other devices and machines present in the factory. Indeed, all the other working tools contribute to improving the worker’s performance, but only personal protective equipment does more: it improves the quality of life of the person wearing it.

In Panda Safety, this firm belief has become the guiding principle of every company activity therefore all our models have been designed not only to fulfil the basic function of protecting the wearer’s foot, but also and above all to be comfortable; our footwear can be worn by the workers for long time without feeling uneasy so that they can carry out their daily work in a composed manner. Our target is to create footwear that is reliable in coping with all risks of injury, guaranteeing maximum comfort at the same time, throughout the working day.

To do so, we pay great attention to the real needs of the workers, and thanks to the feedback that we receive from all the fields of usage, we are capable to constantly improving the quality of our products. Achieving this result is only possible thanks to the dedication of our team which focuses great effort on each phase of production, from design to packaging each pair of shoes. All this means that over 1 million workers choose Panda Safety professional and safety footwear…over 1 million people protected and concentrating on their own work.