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Being a world leader in the production and distribution of safety and occupational footwear is a source of great pride for PANDA SAFETY because this leadership is the result of the trust that millions of workers place in our products every day. End-user feedback, which we constantly collect and analyse, is used as a major guideline in the development process of new products in order to improve their performance. Among the many feedbacks received, we would like to share with the readers of our monthly newsletter the experiences of Andrey Velgus and Karolis Galinaitis who, although coming from completely different fields, agree that our footwear provides unrivalled COMFORT, DURABILITY and PROTECTION.
Andrey Velgus is a construction worker in north-west Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, where it is essential to constantly adapt to particularly severe and ever-changing weather conditions. Andrey first found out about the PANDA SAFETY brand way back in 2017 when he decided to go to a PPE (personal protective equipment ) specialized store to buy a new pair of work boots because he was tired of having to constantly replace his footwear due to its very low resistance to harsh weather conditions. Once in the store, Andrey was immediately attracted by the VERTIS boots made by PANDA SAFETY, a brand that was unknown to him at the time but with which he was soon to fall in love.
After checking and appreciating the technical features, he put our boots on and was so impressed by the extraordinary feeling of comfort and safety that he immediately decided to buy two pairs; one for himself, one for his colleague. As enthusiastic as he was when he bought his first pair of VERTIS boots that day, Andrey told us how PANDA SAFETY products now support him on his long days at work, keeping his feet dry, warm and safe no matter what the weather.
Another experience to be shared is that of Karolis Galinaitis. In his car workshop in Great Britain, he walks more than 10,000 steps a day exposing his feet to several dangers: slips, twists, bumps and crushing are the most concrete risks in his daily work. Also Karolis came across PANDA SAFETY footwear by chance. It all started during a holiday in Lithuania while browsing through the shelves of a department store specialised in professional supplies.
Among the many available brands and models, TECTOR of PANDA SAFETY caught his eye. Impressed by the undoubtedly attractive look, he decided to buy it, but was still sceptical about the performance described in the technical datasheet. When he returned to work, he tried on the TECTOR boots and immediately realised how solid, hard-wearing, comfortable and lightweight they were, and from that moment on, he couldn't do without them.
These two experiences highlight the fact that PANDA SAFETY safety and professional footwear is not "just" an Individual Protection Device, but the ideal work partner even in the most extreme conditions.