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During over 40 years of activity, the occupational and safety footwear PANDA SAFETY has been chosen by thousands of professionals operating in the most diverse work sectors; we have thus been able to link our brand to that of many world-class companies and, on some occasions, we have also had the pleasure and honour of contributing with our products to the realisation of projects of the highest ethical values. Among these, there is one we particularly care about because of the "green vocation" of our company: the Italian National Fireguard Corp which operates throughout the country. Its main activities are fire prevention and surveillance together with the public rescue, especially in support of the Fire Brigade.
On the occasion of our last supply, we asked the Chairman - Mr Paolo Zafferani - to tell us about his experience with PANDA SAFETY. His report begins with our first meeting held in Bergamo in 2018 on the occasion of our participation in the "Safety Expo" fair. President Zafferani is pleased to recall that lucky coincidence that, together with the need to provide all his volunteers with safety footwear which had similar features to those worn by the Fire Brigades, brought him to our stand. There, with the help of our Sales Director - Claudio Gargiullo - he identified the CAVALLINO HRO model as the ideal solution to the needs of the corps.

SAFE, RESISTANT and COMFORTABLE. These are the adjectives used by President Zafferani to describe the quality of PANDA SAFETY shoes which, in his opinion, have had a positive impact on the volunteers' performance thanks to the comfort that they are able to guarantee even when the working day far exceeds 8 hours. In the president's words:
What emerged from President Zafferani's words is the total appreciation of both PANDA SAFETY products and services; from our side, we will be happy to keep supporting the activity of the Italian National Fireguard Corps in the best possible way, with constancy and commitment, because we love our country and thus we are glad to support all those people who work daily to protect it.