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In its production process PANDA SAFETY has been devoting the utmost attention to detail for 40 years and, in doing so, the Company emphasises the central and instrumental role of the female personnel within its own workforce. Indeed, the whole department which is in charge of the operations of finishing and packaging is made up of specialised female workers who carry out rigorously by hand all the finishing operations.
This is no random choice: indeed scientific literature confirms through important publications like the “Biology Journal of Sex Differences” that the female eye excels in distinguishing different colour tones and in perceiving details. It is, therefore, thanks to the attentive eyes of the 36 female finishing department employees that our footwear stands out for its constant and extremely high standards of quality not only on a functional level but also aesthetically.
8538 S3 SRC - MONVISO and 8038 S3 SRC - MIURA belong to the product line “TOP TREKKING” and stand out not only for their sporty and dynamic look, but also for the materials and components that have been specially selected to improve performance; for example a small detail that still makes the difference, above all when you have to wear your own safety footwear for long periods and which bears witness to the attention dedicated to each individual element of the shoe, are the special mobile lace loops which always ensure uniform tension of the laces ensuring a better wearability. The polyurethane insole and the thermo-polyurethane tread respectively guarantee comfort and resistance to wear and heat while the stainless steel safety toecap and puncture resistant plate, avert the risk of the most common injuries.
8538 S3 SRC - MONVISO is a high laced boot designed to last in time. The characteristics of robustness and durability typical of a trekking shoe have been implemented in this model, whose upper is made of water-resistant genuine leather and that has a steel toecap and puncture-resistant plate. Comfort, on the other hand, is guaranteed by the padding of the collar and of the tongue, which also ensures better adherence of the instep and of the ankle to the shoe.
8038 S3 SRC - MIURA is a low shoe in which comfort and safety reach the perfect balance; the elasticity of the full grain and water repellent leather “Ramon”, with which the upper is made actually guarantee the user complete freedom of movement, while the steel puncture resistant plate and toecap protect from the risk of crushing and/or penetration.
Thanks to its ultra-breathable function, the special inner lining MERYL® ACTISYSTEM, ensures that the foot always remains dry and clean and thus protected even from microbes and bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye, while the sole is certified SRC and thus satisfies the highest standards in terms of non-slip functions.
The MONVISO and MIURA models are footwear capable of coping with any possible working environment, even the really challenging one of an archaeologist, as demonstrated by Antonia Falcone, famous Italian archaeologist and blogger, who, after choosing the MONVISO model for her daily activity, dedicated it a blog article. Antonia maintains that there are two characteristics, or as she calls them “magic words” to describe a safety shoe of excellent quality: COMFORT and USEFULNESS. Comfort to cope with the many hours spent in the archaeological site and usefulness (and thus safety) to remain unharmed in the event of an impact, crushing, perforation, contact with particularly hot or cold surfaces and when you walk on particularly arduous or slippery surfaces.