PANDA SAFETY is proud to present its new line of safety footwear “TOP SNEAKER” whose models are the practical expression of the Apulian company's extraordinary research and development activity. Starting from the polyurethane foam sole, up to the suede leather collar, every detail indeed has been specially designed to obtain shoes which stand out from the models already available on the international market because they blend the very high standards of protection and comfort typical of PANDA SAFETY footwear with the captivating and contemporary design that has always distinguished MADE in ITALY shoes.
The newborn “TOP SNEAKER” line is made up of 4 models, 2 high and 2 low, all lace-up and all completely free from metal elements and thus also suitable for use in controlled environments like airports. The protective elements, that is the anti-crush toecap and the puncture-resistant sole, are made of composite material, the uppers are made of water-resistant natural leather and the inner linings are made of ultra-breathable mesh with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and wear-resistant treatment; the inner profile of the sole, like that of all the PANDA SAFETY models, is ergonomic and thus adapts to the natural shape of the bottom of the foot, allowing the wearer to always move with maximum agility and speed during all the stages of work.
PANDA SAFETY sets off on the right foot into the world of SAFETY SNEAKERS!
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