PANDA SAFETY, within its continuous activity of research and development of new materials and components capable of improving the performance and comfort of its own safety footwear, has recently designed the revolutionary lacing system QLS that stands for "Quick Lacing System". This fastening system represents a true innovation in terms of comfort in the work shoe sector because it guarantees the “perfect fit” that means that the shoe perfectly adheres to the wearer's foot.


• Clockwise rotation to regulate the tension of the fastening
• Anticlockwise rotation for a  micrometric setting of the fastening
• Central push button for completely releasing the fastening/quick shoe removal
Designed and tested in accordance with the provisions of the European Union, the QLS provides the best fitting experience ever because it gives the wearer the perfect fit by simply rotating the fastening device.
Apart from guaranteeing perfect adherence of the shoe with the foot, the Quick Lacing System developed by PANDA SAFETY, allows the wearer to quickly remove the shoe thanks to the complete lace release button at the centre of the dial.
The ultra-light but at the same time ultra-resistant laces have also been specially designed to ensure constant tension and to always move freely and regularly in the special guides that replace the traditional eyelets and the problems associated to them.


Thanks to the new QLS fastening system, it is finally possible to have a perfect fit even when you wear safety shoes and you can, therefore, count on a concrete improvement in terms of agility, response and control even when you carry out your own working activity. The possibility of adjusting the tension of the laces, even only by a few millimetres and by simply rotating the device, also eliminates the risk of injury connected to the presence of traditional laces.
PANDA SAFETY is proud to present the Quick Lacing System, which is already available in 4 new models that now join the standard collection: two models belong to the "TECHO" line and are art. 52192 S3 SRC“No. FIVE” and 59192 S3 SRC“No. SIX”, the other two belong to the "STRONG PROFESSIONAL" line and are art. 92282 S3 SRC“HUAYRA” and 99282 S3 SRC“HIJET”.
These new models represent the excellence of PANDA SAFETY production because they blend the absolute quality of the raw materials and components and the innovative Quick Lacing System technology.

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