Cartelli Segnalatori Srl is the first Italian distributor of PPE to have chosen PANDA SAFETY footwear to guarantee its own customers a higher standard of quality that means greater safety and comfort for the final users. This new partnership, for which both the companies express maximum satisfaction, aims, on the one hand, to position Cartelli Segnalatori as a key player also within the occupational safety sector, and on the other, to supply PANDA SAFETY to all the other Italian companies wishing to give their own employees quality safety footwear.

Cartelli Segnalatori was founded at the beginning of the 1960’s and after asserting itself in the signage sector, it associated this production to marketing and distributing a very broad range of personal protective equipment. Its  close attention to the quality of the products distributed, the availability of over 20,000 items in the warehouse and an extensive distribution network throughout the domestic territory are the main key to Cartelli Segnalatori’s success; a further element distinguishing the Company of Cusago (MI), is the choice of availing exclusively of the collaboration of carefully selected partners and suppliers, which now include PANDA SAFETY. The safety footwear produced in Puglia, after asserting itself as a product of absolute excellence on the main foreign markets, has recently been introduced on the Italian market and immediately attracted attention – above all thanks to the advertising campaigns launched on the major social networks – from both specialised operators and final users. The obvious quality of the PANDA SAFETY footwear has, indeed, led the brand in achieving the excellent reputation necessary for joining the ranks of Cartelli Segnalatori suppliers.