ALBO is Panda Safety’s distributor in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia. Discover our strong partnership based on shared values.

We consider our job properly done only when the PANDA SAFETY footwear is on the worker’s feet, ready to protect them in any condition and on any surface. For this reason we attach great importance to the bonds that we foster with our distributors: they are the link between us and the final users of our products.

Solidness is a fundamental feature not only for safety shoes, but also in a business partnership and one of the most solid collaborations that PANDA SAFETY has developed in its history is the one with ALBO d.o.o.

Together since 1993, we have observed the growth of technological innovation and sales figures, with commitment and enthusiasm.

The distributor ALBO has made PANDA SAFETY the leading brand in the professional and safety footwear market in Serbia and then also exported it to Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.

The values that we share guide the daily activity of the two companies: we want our clients to be completely protected from work-related risks, without forsaking maximum comfort.

To explain the bond that binds us, we had a talk with ALBO’s Marketing Manager Milica Peri? that will show you all how our two companies are inspired by the same mission: guaranteeing safety, exalting comfort.

The cooperation between Albo and Panda Safety began many years ago and it’s still strong. Why Albo chose to work with Panda Safety? And what are the aspects that make the collaboration powerful?

Albo’s policy is to nurture strong partnerships. We prefer responsible partners, because only if we have trust in our suppliers, who are reliable, we can be trustworthy and reliable for our clients. Together with Panda Safety we can make a difference, so we believe that our good cooperation makes our workers safer.

How many Panda Safety’s shoes are distributed annually in your market’s area? Which are the models more requested?

We are distributing approximately 150.000 pairs of Panda Safety shoes. We are mostly selling Panda’s shoes from Basic line, but we are increasing number of the other ranges of the Panda Safety collection.

From which kind of companies do you have the biggest request of Panda Safety’s shoes?

The biggest requests for Panda’s shoes have public utility companies (such as waterworks, sewerages, electric power plants, public transport, services for maintaining public landscaped areas…). But it is important to say that after more than two decades of building Panda brand in our market Panda Safety became synonym for safety shoes. Panda’s models are really the first thing that comes on people’s mind when we are talking about safety.

We are sure that PANDA SAFETY and ALBO will continue in step with each other in the world of safety shoes and that we will cover a lot more ground together.